Monday, February 2, 2009

L.A. for a day

Got to visit my cousin Sayre and good friend Tano in LA on the way back. Tano is an awesome artist from Chicago who did a residency at Lobot a couple of years back, and Sayre is my second cousin I never knew who went to undergrad with Tano and is friends with everyone I know from Chicago. It's really strange, my Mom and his Dad were born in the same hospital within hours of each other by sisters, our Dad's are in the same business, we are both artists and have jobs at galleries, do art handling, and artist assisting. This was the second time meeting Sayre and it was rad getting to chill with good homies after such a long few days of partying, working, moving, and driving.
L.A. kinda rulez. I can't belive I'm writing this.
Went to Tano's grad studio at USC. This is a monument to Las Vegas, his home town.
(reverse) gambling problems??

60's Vegas Atomic Girl
Hung out with Butchy and Fey of Pit r Pat. They were house sitting for Daniel and Asma. Amazing view of L.A. and the back of Dodgers stadium.
Butchy models Sarina's hat gift.
Hopper is hiding his deformed hoppy foot which has a kinda double toe thumb thing. Super cool cat!

Moving Mom

After New years and first Friday's I went to my Mom's to help her pack and move to Arizona.
This is what it looks like when you drive all night after sleeping one hour the night before.

two old trucker guy's were in this 60's truck stop at 5:30 in the morning having a serious conversation about their gun collections.
Arizona at dawn

My Mom and I spotted this private residence along side of the highway.

and a cool ghost town