Monday, December 15, 2008

jonny 1 time return benefit

One of our oldest housemates and dearest friends Wizza is coming home after a year in Chicago! It's a little ironic he's moving back into his old room, where Nicole has just finished moving out. JTG finally found his stolen laundry hidden away in her things amongst boxes and baskets. Here are some photos from the benifit party.

my hat tower

modeling for Sarina

Sarina & Adam

Cherie rocking my new hat

Brian rocking my other new hat

Photo of Jonny I was out bid on by a dollar.

Cielle selling veggie dogs!

This lead singer was totally heckling Gibson during his set. He told her "Shut up you ermine coat woman". And I thought he said "Shut up you Irvine Coke woman". She was crazy! 

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