Saturday, December 20, 2008

One night only - Santa's Workshop!

Tonight @ Hatch Gallery


One night only - Santa's Workshop!

A selection of the artists in the PREVIEW 09 show will be on hand to create whatever your heart desires for only $20.  

and enjoy a not-so-sneak preview of the PREVIEW 09 show at Hatch Gallery. 

Hatch Gallery proudly presents 13 artists of various mediums, who comprise half of the artists to be shown in the 2009 season. While PREVIEW 09 will illustrate the variety of work that Hatch will be showing this year, it is also serving as the foundation step towards building a cohesive, albeit seasonal, trajectory of art shows at Hatch Gallery. Starting with Spring and ending with Winter, the ideas and art at Hatch will follow a lifecycle beginning in February with a show that feels young - and as the months pass the shows will develop, as the seasons do (as we do), growing through various mediums, ideas and technologies towards the final somber end in January 2010. Our hope is that through implementing this seasonal schedule, the exhibitions will have a greater ability to dialogue with the audience throughout the course of the year – 

Hatch Gallery
492 23rd St - Oakland - 94612

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